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Review of Earth's Knot by Katie Deann

Earth's Knot (The Knot-Breaker Cycle, Book 1): A Fantasy Novella - Katie Deann

“And if we are ever to see the star below our feet rise, we must first set it free. We must bleed the darkness from it ...”


So this was a good, quick read with a lot of story questions raised and little to no answers provided. It’s a basic intro to characters, a city, and some religion. I can’t really give an accurate blurb. There’s a few different story lines that are leading up to something to do with freeing a god, but we don’t know exactly what’s happening. Honestly, I think for such a short book there were too many PoV’s. Oh, and I wish I would have skipped the prologue. It would have added a bit more mystery to the thief nicknamed Mouse. Since I’ve read it, I feel like I know more than I should.


Normally I like my stories to move around settings. Give me travel and I’m usually very happy. This book stayed in one city. That said, I didn’t mind in the least. The city itself was unusual and I enjoyed exploring it. I felt entertained enough that I wasn’t itching to move on. The world was detailed enough for me and we’ve got a dose of religion, thieves guild, and a bit of how the city functions. I think I’m getting it, but those who like more detailed worlds might have the need for more. Since this is the first in a six part series, I’m sure we’ll understand more as the story progresses.


I liked the pace of the book. I felt it moved along nicely, though I’ll say again that a few less PoV’s would have beefed up the mystery and allowed the characters to be explored in more detail. Obviously this is just personal taste. I think there was a big chance here to spike my curiosity, but I knew too much.


The characters had their own voices, which was nice. They seemed separate, and Mouse was actually very realistically drawn. When faced with something horrible, he was scared to near paralysis, and with good cause. It made him human.


The writing itself was nice, but punctuation choices made this a bit odd to read at times. I’m not one to notice this stuff normally, but commas and dashes were oddly placed. I know Deann is working to get her book to a proofreader which should help.


I think the reason I liked this instead of it just being a “meh” book was the city itself and the potential of the story. At some point I’ll pick up the second installment. It’s raised enough of my curiosity, but not enough to move the second book up on my to-read list.


So overall, if you’ve got an hour or two to kill, this would be a great little book to pick up. And as of today, it's free!


Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2015/06/10/review-of-earths-knot-by-katie-deann