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Good start to a series...

The War of the Black Tower: An Epic Fantasy (The Final War) - Jack Conner

This was a nicely fast paced read. There was action from beginning to end. I like action, so, naturally, I liked this story. I don’t have tons to say about this book. The plot was nothing incredibly new, which never bothers me. As I’ve said, it’s characters that will get me to love a book. While the characters in War of the Black Tower are not developed to my taste, there was still enough to keep me interested in the series. Matter of fact, I was invested at the end of book one and immediately bought book two. Why? Well, though Baleron wasn’t as intense of a character as I would normally flock to, he had just enough to hook me to the story, which, as I said, moved fast so it made up for Baleron’s slightly above average appeal to me.


I wish I would have been shown more of his “roguishness” from the beginning. He might bed a married lady, but I never got a feel for just how horrible that was for the world I was in. I did enjoy reading about his desire to please his father, and his continual failures to do so. It made you want to cheer for the guy, even if you wanted to slap him at the same time. The other characters did nothing for me. I wasn’t drawn into any other stories, but what happened to Baleron in the temple interested me enough to keep reading the series. I wanted to see how it would play out.


It states clearly in the title that this is a dark fantasy. It has some great, incredibly entertaining gore (I’m a girl who loves my gore), which pleasantly surprised me. There is sex and torture, so if that’s not your thing, I’d steer clear. I will say, there were some amazing descriptions in this book.


Overall, a quick, entertaining read.


Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2014/05/08/review-of-war-of-the-black-tower-by-jack-conner-all-3-volumes