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Review of Grave Peril by Jim Butcher

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher



What can I say that I haven’t already about these books? Maybe... I guess this book felt a bit darker. There were still some laughs, but some of the stuff that happened was pretty intense. We got introduced to some new characters. Actually, that’d be the only negative thing I could say about this book. The other books felt like we started at the beginning of something. This felt like we came into the middle of something. It didn’t take away from my enjoyment in the least, but some characters came out of left field. I felt like I should have known about them earlier. I didn’t get as much Murphy as I’d like. She’s a great character, and though she made an appearance, it was brief but awesome. We learn a bit about her.


I’m sad to say there was no t-shirt saying in this book. I’d hoped it’d be a standard.


That’s about as far as my disappointment can be stretched.


Crap kept happening. We barely had time to breath through it all. I loved it. Harry Dresden has his usual sense of humor which can coax a smile from me even when I’m in a horrible mood. I swear I’m growing more attached to him with each book. I’d go completely character crazy, but the books have such a satisfying conclusion that I can take my time and savor the series. I’m beyond appreciative. I must say, this book left me with my mouth hanging open. The ending was something I never expected, and it’s got me soooo curious about what will happen. However, I’m really determined to savor these. One a month. That’s all I’m allowing myself.


I’m not a vampire fan. It was a major concern of mine when I first starting reading this series. Werewolves, vamps, ghosts—they aren’t my thing. It’s why I’ve steered clear of urban fantasy. However, Butcher manages to have them be relevant without overpowering the story by them. This one is vampire heavy, and I didn’t realize it until looking back. Even with some of my least favorite bad/good guys, Butcher can keep me glued to his books. It’s because of the characters and action upon action scenes.


So in conclusion, Butcher is damn talented.


Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2014/08/18/review-of-grave-peril-by-jim-butcher