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Review of Death Masks by Jim Butcher

Death Masks - Jim Butcher



I’ll tell you one thing, the further along in the series I get, the harder it is not to run out and buy all of them and spend days in Butcher’s world. The reason I’m not is quite simple: he’s not close to being done with this series, so even if I do read them all in a weekend, I’ll be left hanging in the end. So, no matter how hard it is, I’m sticking to my one Butcher book a month.


After this one, it’s easier for me to wait. It wasn’t as crazy as the last few. It was slower and had a nice wrap up at the end. Actually, most do. Grave Peril definitely had me itching to read the next one. It had a major plot twist that I was dying to know if anything changed in the next book. The only reason I’m having a hard time waiting is because I’m absolutely in love with Harry Dresden, and I know that I’ll be devastated when the series ends, which is also helping me savor each book.


I won’t give any plot details away in case someone isn’t caught up with me. We meet a few new characters and enjoy reunions with some old ones. I will say that we get to see Thomas again, which was a thoroughly interesting character in Grave Peril. Sadly, yet again I didn’t get a lot of Murphy time. I do love Murphy and Harry’s interactions. Surprisingly, there is a steamy scene in this book that Butcher did fantastically well. Just another feather in his cap.


I’ll rave again about Butcher’s story telling. There’s all kinds of fun stuff in his books, and with each one we meet some sort of fantastical creature, either good or bad. His writing continues to ensnare me right off the bat, and I really do become perturbed when I’m interrupted while reading it.


So overall, another thoroughly engaging, entertaining, heartfelt, and insanely fun read by Butcher. I’ve got my mom hooked on these as well, and my next target is my sister.


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