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Review of A Circle of Iron by Greg Benage

A Circle Of Iron (Eldernost, #1) - Greg Benage



Okay, so this was just fun. Tons of action, lots of blood, good set of characters, very little history, and no info dumps!


This isn’t going to be a moving book that makes you think for days. This will, however, be a fun book for a bit of fighting and bloodshed. The world was rather simple but thorough enough to feel planned. If you’re huge into complex worlds, this might not be for you—unless you’re just looking for an adventure book.


The characters were all interesting, different from one another in subtle ways, and entertaining. I found Thorn and Mara to be fun characters to follow and enjoyed their interactions, as well as all in the group. This isn’t a character driven book, but, again, more of an adventure.


For me, I love all sorts of reads and it’s been a while since I’ve read a book that moved so fast. The fight scenes were done well, in my opinion, and were full of blood and guts. I’ll definitely be picking up the second one when I’m ready for a fast paced, no fuss, book. The writing itself was smooth and I slipped into my reading trance right away.


So overall, a great book for those looking for an adventure book. It’s short and, for me, just damn fun.


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