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Review of Shadow's Lure by Jon Sprunk

Shadow's Lure - Jon Sprunk

I picked up the second book the Shadow Saga series because I found the first so incredibly entertaining and I was still in a place where I needed pure entertainment.


In this second book, we follow Caim as he travels to find his roots and we also follow Josey’s story which takes us through treachery and the building of a new empire.


As with the first, I absolutely loved the shadows and how Caim used them. It was just as engaging to me and even more so than the first. We had a few more side plots going on compared to the first, and for most that will be welcomed. For me, I wanted more of Caim’s PoV. I’ve said it before, palace intrigue will usually bore me pretty fast. You’ve got to have a character in that setting that I’m in love with. I enjoyed Josey’s character, but I’m not obsessed by her, so those chapters in her PoV I ended up skimming a bit. Not that they were bad, it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for. We also got a PoV from Kit. That one was interesting. I’m not sure I loved them, but it threw out enough story questions and action that I stuck with them. Of course, Caim’s magic and PoV were my favorite sections. It really boils down to his struggle with his magic and trying to understand what it all really means. I enjoyed his confusion. It felt real. I also enjoyed his growth in this book. Finding one’s self is damn hard, and you felt that with him. And of course when he did use his magic it was just darn fun.


We got a bigger view of the world in this book and I thought it was done well. Remember I’m not a huge world fan, so I’m not always the best source on this one. I was satisfied. It felt big enough. It had life. It had variety.


Though this book didn’t rate as high as the first, it sure did set up a possibility of an amazing third book. I’m very much looking forward to reading it, soon. Very soon. From where it’s going, Caim’s going to be entering some rather fun lands and I hope the adventure is crazy. I also think we’ll be getting out of the palace in Josey’s PoV, which will help me enjoy that plot a bit more.


Overall, if you enjoyed the first one, I’d definitely pick this one up. It’s a middle book with setup, some fun fights, and a cast of new characters.


Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2015/04/22/shadows-lure-by-jon-sprunk