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Review of Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

Ghost Story - Jim Butcher

People adore monsters. They fill their songs and stories with them. They define themselves in relation to them. 


Well, compared to the last book, this one slowed down. Not to say that there wasn’t tons of action, you just didn’t get beat down like the last book.


I must say, this one has tons more description. We’re experiencing the aftermath of Changes and we’re thrown some new situations in which Harry is unfamiliar. Explaining and engrossing you in these new found settings was done thoroughly. And I think Butcher’s depth of conveying emotion and physical sensations has improved, thus beefing up those descriptions. I haven’t minded them until this book. I guess I was too curious to know what the heck was going to happen that I ended up reading over those sections a bit fast, almost to the point of skimming.


I think what this book pulled off was to show us how impactful Harry is upon Chicago, not to mention a transition from Changes to what we can expect in the next book. It's a nice move forward book that transitions from the almost normal Harry world to this new, crazy one we're about to step into.


When I started this series I was worried about the length of it. I mean, 24 books? First person through all of it? I had doubts I’d be able to stick with it without feeling as though I’d read the same thing over and over. I guess that’s the beauty of Butcher’s writing. Besides the descriptions of some reoccurring places and people, it doesn’t have that same ol’ same ol’ feel to it. New stuff gets introduced all the time and it makes each book feel fresh. The characters are changing and not all get happy little endings. It’s alway nice to have a fallback series, one that you know you’ll enjoy. I already want to read through the series again, which is a testament to Butcher’s skill. Re-readability is a hard thing to achieve.


Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2015/08/05/review-of-ghost-story-by-jim-butcher