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Review of Havoc's Cry by Loren Weaver

Havoc's Cry (Victoria Novak: Paranormal Division) - Loren Weaver

This book basically follows Victoria as she becomes a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Paranormal and hunts down a murderer.


I’m going to start by saying I don’t have a lot of experience with urban/paranormal books. I’ve been branching out to them lately and have found that I can enjoy them so long as they have the right tone. In my limited experience, I’ve never run across a world such as the one in this book where the monsters are out in plain view, actual citizens. They usually skulk in the shadows, and only a few know about them and kill them. In this book, there’s vampires and lycanthropes, witches and sorceresses and sorcerers. The normal humans know about their existence, and the paranormal has recently been accepted, so to speak. They are still feared, but the witch hunting and vampire staking is dwindling. The division Victoria joins is there to help these paranormals with crimes against them. It was an interesting take. Now, I’m not a fan of the standard vampire and werewolf monsters. I feel they’ve been overdone. I feel I haven’t seen/read anything new. The creatures in this book don’t strike me as completely unique, but I did enjoy the story despite the standard. The nuances introduced helped me stomach it all.


As for the characters, I wasn’t in love with Victoria, which made it slightly challenging because it’s written in first person. I didn’t hate her, just didn’t really connect to her. She’s supposed to be a sassy girl with a harsh past. In the paranormal community, she’s a legend of sorts. I like sassy. I like legend. But to me she came across more haughty. Instead of her hard life haunting her, she seemed to throw it out there for attention. Perhaps I’m used to my characters brooding a bit more, holding their pasts closer, hoarding all that pain. When she would mention a horror from her past or anything about her abilities, she would congratulate herself when she scored shock from her audience. It’s a nit picky thing, but one that got on my nerves. I think I would have liked her more if she wasn’t so proud of how people reacted. 


As for the other characters, I found Trey extremely likable. A good guy at heart and a badass werewolf. We’re given hints that he’s got a dominant side to him, though we’re not shown. Kinda wish I’d seen him go crazy badass. Honestly, he’s the reason I’ll return to this series. The other characters were a bit blended, but this is the first in the series. I’m hoping future books really make them stick out from one another. 


I found a good amount of typos. Unfortunately, this got really bogged down by redundancy. I knew Trey was affectionate because he was a werewolf. I didn’t need to hear about it every chapter. Victoria was constantly giving herself “brownie points” which stuck out more often than it should have, probably adding to the reasons I didn’t love her. 


Overall, this review might sound negative but I do think I’ll pick up the next book. I’m curious enough about the world and the characters to give the series another go. If you’re a diehard paranormal/urban fantasy reader, I’d recommend giving this a try.