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The King's Assassin

The King's Assassin - M.M. Brownlow Warning: Small spoiler alert.

I found this to be a very very quick read with a very very simple world. That's not always a bad thing, and I was happy not to be bogged down with too much history. I didn't have to think at all while I read this book, which is both good and bad. If you want something to pass the time by, this would be a good book for that.

My main problem is that the woman (Aislynn), who was protecting the prince/king (Eryk), seemed to be hurt a lot or was not always by the prince/king's side. For a person sent to protect him, she seemed content to spar with another dude and leave Eryk by himself. I think her link to him did little to ease my concerns. The attacks seemed a little too planned for me, too convenient, and too easily thwarted. Maybe because of the lack of a crazy world and deep history, I was lulled into a content mindlessness and missed more of the deeper details that could explain this. Even as I say it, I'm not sure my mindlessness was a bad thing. I was content while reading. So, if you've just read a crazy complicated book and need a mind break, this would be an enjoyable read, light and quick.