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A Dragon's Tale - The Prophecy - Book 1

The Prophecy - Mark   Boyd This was a difficult review for me to write. A couple things to note first:

1. I’m a rather tough critic. If you look at my reviews, only two books have received 5 stars. Most of the time I’m a three star person. Few books rise above 3 stars for me and the majority of them that do are ones that I grew up on.
2. If I had my wish, I would want a half star option, giving this book 2 1/2 stars. With some changes to my personal tastes, this could have easily wiggled its way into my 3 star ranking. Maybe even four. As you’ll see below, I liked the storyline.
3. This book has received four and five stars from other readers. Please remember, reading is subjective and this is just the opinion of one person.
4. I received a free copy of The Prophecy in exchange for an honest review.

The reason this is so difficult for me to write is that what I liked about the book was also what bothered me. The one thing that I’ll have nothing bad to say about is the storyline, which I found entertaining. Though nothing earth shattering, it’s still something I wanted to read which is why I selected it…obviously.

Now for my thoughts:

The ‘good guys’ all run together for me. I don’t have a distinct voice in my head between certain characters. The guys sound the same and so do the gals. The good thing is that I liked the characters overall. A strong sense of right and a lot of compassion. What’s not to like? Problem is there were too many like that and too similar. I think the only one who seemed to stand out was Devan, more for his ailments than anything else. The ‘bad guys’ were split into really bad guys and bad guys that had redeeming qualities. Too many still grouped together for me. Shame, because, like I said, I liked the characters. I wish they’d just had a different voice and characteristics.

And now my pet-peeve about books and movies in general. When you have a protagonist who loses everything, I want emotion. Their world just crashed around them. In most books and movies, the character mopes for about five minutes then gets angry and goes on a revenge streak. This can be applied to anything. Say they just found out their child lived through a horrible accident. A quick hug and then everything’s back to normal. Ugh! No sane person would recover that quickly!!! Now that I’ve vented, I’m happy to report that the Prophecy actually shows emotion! Hark! When something bad happened to one of the main protagonist, they didn’t carry on as if everything was super. But...it was a little overdone for my taste. There was too much emotion. Three quarters of the way through it, I was desensitized to their tears.

I’m a fan of multiple points of view. I enjoy reading from different character perspectives. My pet-peeve: head hopping from paragraph to paragraph with no warning. Ugh. The Prophecy has multiple points of view from several characters, and, YAY, Mr. Boyd broke those up with a space. There was no question that you were switching to a different character. But...it happened too often. Just as I got involved with one character, it’d switch (unnecessarily in my opinion), sometimes for only a few paragraphs before it switched back. A little less of this and I wouldn’t have had a ‘but’.

Some aspects of the writing itself was not to my personal taste. It was a little repetitive for me (repeat of words, but, more so, repeat of scenes without much change, i.e. the flying scenes), and told me more about what was going on than submersing me in the story (there would be breaks where you learned a fact instead of it being worked into dialog or a scene). For the entire book, I knew I was reading. However, since this book has gotten four and five stars, I think this goes back to personal taste. I did enjoy the shortness of some of the sentences. The writing wasn’t flowery and convoluted. It was straight forward. But...I would have preferred a little more description in what the characters were experiencing. For instance, when they change from human form to dragon form, I had a hard time imagining the change itself. It just seemed abrupt to me with little to no character sensation. Also, setting descriptions are lacking for certain locations which made it hard for me to imagine where the characters were.

So in conclusion, read the first chapter on Amazon. If you like the writing, you’ll like the book. Like I've said, the storyline is good.