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The Weight of Blood

The Weight of Blood - David Dalglish Overall, I enjoyed this book. I like the fact that not all the good guys are good. There are dark sides to everyone and David Dalglish embraced it. I admit, I haven't bought the other books, but I am curious about the brothers' story. I hope one day to continue to read them.
An editor would have been great for the version I received. It was a little choppy, but the story was engaging enough that you bulled through those areas.
If there's any Dragonlance fans out there, these characters strongly remind me of Raistlin and Cameron. I'm a fan of internally torn characters, and I feel that coming to the Orc brothers in more detail in future books.
I had no problem with Mr. Dalglish's killing off children. Not that I'm totally heartless, but it gave the book a gritty reality. Life isn't pretty.