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Great horror short story

Cornhusker: Demon Seed - Timothy C. ward

I’m just going to say it: I LOVE GORE! Now, this wasn’t overly gory to me, but keep in mind that I fucking love gore. So, this had enough to keep my interest, but I don’t think it’s over the top for anyone who reads horror. The reason I mention this is because I think the gory parts were beautifully written. I had a clear image of what was happening, which was great!


I read that Ward had cut down the length, and I must say I’m disappointed. I had the feeling I was walking through a haunted house; you know, the kind with all sorts of crazy shit to see and take in. Instead of moseying along so I could absorb every detail, I felt like someone had a hand on my back and was ushering me along faster than I wanted. I kept looking over my shoulder saying: But wait, that was fucking cool.


Regardless, it was an enjoyable, fast-paced read. The descriptive parts were superb and I found myself clenching my teeth in fear and... well, just read the book. It was delightfully disgusting and, oddly, moving.

Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2014/03/03/review-of-short-stories-by-timothy-ward-d-z-c-and-zachary-jernigan