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Still a good story...

The War of the Black Tower: Part Two of a Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy (The Song of the Broken World: An Epic Battle Fantasy Trilogy) - Jack Conner

Sooooo, I might be saying some tiny tidbits that could be considered spoilers (but, after all, Baleron is referred to as the “doomed prince” in the description).


I had a harder time making it through this book compared to the last. The story moved fast, just not in the way I like. The middle was more focused around sieges, so I tended to get bored at times. It takes a lot to keep me interested in full scale battle scenes. Again, nothing incredibly new in regards to storyline, but I still enjoyed where it was going.


Once again, I felt a pang of sympathy for Baleron in trying to win his father’s approval, and in this story, we get a good look at the King of Havensrike. Despite myself, I kinda liked him. He was a hard ass, a complete jerk to his son, but I found myself liking him. I liked the dragon, but everyone else stayed below my radar.


In the beginning, I was really drawn into Baleron’s Doom. I found it interesting to see where it was heading. Towards the end, I was growing increasingly annoyed with it. It seemed to not be taken as seriously as it should, and many horrible things could have been prevented. Still, it intrigued me enough to overlook that stuff and still enjoy the story. I will say, there was one development that totally caught me off guard, something I never saw coming, and I loved that part!


Once again, this is labeled as a dark fantasy and rightfully so. There is rape, torture, and wonderfully gory scenes.


So, overall I’m starting to lose a bit of interest, but I went ahead and bought the third book. After getting this invested, I need to know the outcome.


Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2014/05/08/review-of-war-of-the-black-tower-by-jack-conner-all-3-volumes