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Good overall story...

The War of the Black Tower: Part Three of a Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy - Jack Conner

Well, it’s over and none too soon. It’s a story of confrontations, death, and torture. Again, I may mention stuff that could be considered spoilers.


First thing I must mention here is that I’m thoroughly annoyed that no where on the book cover does it give you the volume number. Sure, it’s in the description when buying, but once you have all three in your Kindle library, there’s no way to tell them apart. Having the same cover and title doesn’t bother me at all, but the volume number should be listed on the cover somewhere!


At this point in the story, I’m done with the Doom. Is so ridiculously obvious, yet everyone still lets him in their confidences, a nasty idiocy that started showing itself in book two. Now, it’s full blown lunacy! I’m sitting there rolling my eyes. Sure, give Baleron a sword and see what happens, you idiots.


That said, there are some very sad scenes in this book and it truly earns its place in dark fantasy. Still loved the gore. And despite my beefs with parts of the story, I really felt bad for Baleron and the stuff he had to endure.


The ending was drawn out. I was 70% in and feeling like at any moment it would be the final confrontation. Be prepared for a lengthy string of climatic events.


Also, I felt everything got a little redundant in the writing and story. After reading all three, it kinda seemed like we never moved anywhere. The characters never really changed, except maybe Baleron. Yet, do we really know? We never saw him placed back in a comfy home with all the old temptations to see if how he perceives himself in book three is actually who he turns into. Again, I never got the feeling we evolved completely. Furthermore, there was nothing new to the storyline. Same ol' good guys, same ol' bad guys. I didn't really learn anything new, there wasn't a lot of character growth, and nothing shocking. Well, one thing might be considered shocking, but I kinda saw it coming, so it didn't surprise me as much. I guess, in the end, I just wanted something a little more complex to separate each book.


So in conclusion to the overall series, they were incredibly fast reads (average of 250 pages each), and it was an entertaining story that helped me get through a rather lazy weekend.

Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2014/05/08/review-of-war-of-the-black-tower-by-jack-conner-all-3-volumes