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Review of Phoenix Rising by Jason K. Lewis

Phoenix Rising: The Adarna chronicles - Book 2 - Jason K. Lewis



So I’m really starting to get into this series. I was pleasantly surprised by the first book, and I was even more surprised by this one. I thought for sure my attention would wane, but it doubly captivated me.


The characters are developing nicely. I’m still loving Martius and this book gave me a closer look at him, his family, his beliefs, and his morals. He’s definitely outpacing Conlan now. There’s something charming about him that I find irresistible. That’s not to say I’m falling out of love with Conlan. He too has captured my interest. I’m looking forward to seeing Martius and Conlan work together. They play off each other nicely.


The world isn’t complicated, nor is it boring—at least, in my opinion. It has a subtle Roman-esk type feel that I’m enjoying. I like the grandness of it all while still staying close to our characters, which is something that means a lot to me since I’m more of a character reader.


I’m surprised by how fast the plot seems to be moving for such a short book. The first one gifted us a solid ground layer and now this one is taking off. I can see the overall plot forming and I’m intrigued. There’s a lot of questions already and the tiny morsels of explanation keeps me plunging forward along with the story.


I’ll add that this book seemed to be a bit more even paced; more action scenes, and just overall more rounded than book one. Delightful!


Once again, the writing—for me—was smooth and engaging. I blew through this and immediately wanted the third book, which unfortunately is not published yet (tbr October). Again, there was a cliff hanger at the end and I’m assuming this will be a trademark for the series. I don’t mind it. I personally like cliff hangers, so I put this book down with a delightful frustrating sigh.


My only complaint was Conlan’s internal thoughts in the beginning when he was meeting with Martius got a tad bit repetitive. It didn’t last long and ended before I could become disenchanted with the book.


Overall, I think these are great, quick reads I can sneak in for a bit of light, incredibly enjoyable reading. I’m looking forward—impatiently I might add—to book 3.


Source: http://booksbylkevans.com/2014/09/11/review-of-phoenix-rising-by-jason-k-lewis